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You need a passport party…

I have been retained to plan all types of parties to fête almost every rite of passage imaginable: birthdays, weddings, births and more. The one rite of passage I have yet to plan is a passport party. I have even planned travel-themed events, but never a passport party. As much as I love to travel, you would think that would be natural to want to plan a party that celebrates and enables others to travel.

If people host elaborate vision board parties, then why not host an elaborate passport party?

  1. Invite a few friends who have passports and let them bring a friend who does not have a passport

  2. Assist the people with no passports in filling out the paperwork to finish

  3. Gift them with the fee to pay for that passport


Once the hard part is completed, party and celebrate the places they will go. Imagine helping someone’s dreams come true.


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