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Producing weddings from 5 to over 500 attendees

Oceanfront Wedding
Destination Weddings

Anthony Rodell is a global events professional who has planned and designed events for over a decade. He has created events for multiple constituencies: corporate, private (weddings, personal celebrations), public, and culinary. As a hospitality professional, he is able to serve as a consultant on your project – large or small – from a variety of perspectives.

Anthony Rodell is a visionary with the unique gift of hearing what clients cannot say and creating events that meet their goals. He has planned destination events and events across the country and on six of the 7 continents, for organizations, corporations, and individuals. Special client assignments have taken him to war-torn areas such as Iraq and Iran, where he had to plan events that were heavily-secured. 


If needing help with ideas or thinking through options.  Anthony Rodell is available to provide consultation services.

Tropical Wedding
Day of Support

Anthony is skilled at providing day of support for weddings.  A meeting or phone consultation will happen to go over the details for the special day and Anthony will take it from there.

Private Parties


Experience in Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, North America and South America

International Events

Anthony Rodell is a destination (travel) event specialist. He knows the ins and outs of planning events far away involving small parties or large groups of people.  As a traveler, he understands the protocols and permissions needed to make a destination event successful and stressless.

Anthony has planned events in six of the 7 continents, including war-torn countries such as Iran and Iraq, where he had to strategically plan client meetings with regard to security details and militia.  He is adept at working with multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams to provide a seamless service.

Domestic Travel

Growing up on the West Coast and having lived on the east coast, Anthony has travelled all over the US to include driving across country numerous times to find hidden spots within the U.S. that are quaint and fun.


Anthony Rodell is skilled at helping individuals find the right destination for them by having a consultation to find out your likes and dislikes then proposing destinations that fall within your parameters. 

Corporate Events


A Certified Meeting Planner (CMP)


Anthony is a sought-after meeting planner. He has planned retreats, small and large meetings with multiple groups of the same organization, and conferences. He is an expert at strategic-planning and planning in highly-secured venues abroad.

Working in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., has heightened his expertise in the various protocols and customs of visiting foreign diplomats and notables. He is an event concierge who can create a seamless experience for business and political travelers to the United States.

Social Gathering

Being a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP), Anthony is experienced at planning board/sales meetings, retreats, product launches, and investigator meetings.

Image by Yutacar
The Big Win

Sometimes planning a meeting is about celebrating big wins and triumphs. Our team is skilled at incorporating the big win celebration into our strategies.


Chefs in Action
Food Experiences/Events

Anthony Rodell‘s interest in food is informed on his experiences as a world traveler and event professional. Having worked in and traveled to a variety of cultures, he has taken interest in global and domestic cuisines to better serve his clients.

Earlier in his career, Anthony considered a professional shift and explored culinary arts to become a chef. After a brief stint as an intern in an upscale restaurant, he decided against it. The kitchen was too hot. However, he is an excellent home cook who expresses his skills on friends and family.

Anthony is also known for creating culinary-focused events and creating menus in collaboration with celebrated chefs for client events. Most recently, he has worked with chefs Kwame Onwuachi, Carla P. Hall and Roblé Ali.


Whether you are eating formally or casually with friends and family, the focus is on the people being served. 

Will Travel for Food

All of Anthony's destination events come with a menu or two or three. He knows where and what to eat, and will travel with you for food.

Epicurean with experience in creating food-focused events for 10-300+ people

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