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What had this type of wedding?

I've planned weddings in faraway places, at the oddest times, and in a few non-traditional venues. Each wedding no matter the time or day or place was individual to the client. However, it leads me to think that there are some other options many people do not explore. For example...

Having a brunch wedding.

Perhaps, a brunch time wedding is best for you. Serving the combination of lunch foods with breakfast foods could be fun and even affordable depending on your budget.

A cocktail party wedding in your home.

Invite some friends and family over for cocktails and get married at the same time. It can be done any day of the week, including a Friday evening, and you can turn it into a fun, casual event for you and your beloved. Hire a small-bites caterer and a mixologist and you are good to go.

A wedding under the stars.

The venue can be your home or a rooftop restaurant or bar. Nighttime, outdoor weddings can be outright beautiful and awe-inspiring. The photos alone can be fabulous.

A wedding in a restaurant.

Many restaurants have private rooms and on one side of the room you can get married. Your guests can remain seated at long tables (any type of table) to bear witness to your nuptials and nosh on appetizers and enjoy a drink. Eat, drink, and get married.

Having a midday Sunday wedding.

Think a wedding, dinner and dessert and an early evening to leave for the honeymoon or rest for work on Monday. It is not traditional, but it is efficient. Your guests will thank you.

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