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Wellness on the road for the traveling event professional.

We are constantly surrounded by food and drinks that are filled with lots of empty calories. It is easy to pack on the pounds as an event planner. We are also often stressed though it does not show up in client interactions; it will however show up in how we live and breathe off the job. Traveling can exasperate any of our wellness issues. Here are a few ways to manage wellness on the road.

  1. Schedule time to decompress before and after client work on the road, and be stubborn in keeping with that commitment. For example, shut off devices and other distractions like a television to sit in total silence. You can call the front desk and have them give you a “wake-up” call to end that time should you fall asleep, but be adamant about doing absolutely nothing and thinking about as little as possible.

  2. Utilize your hotel’s exercise facilities and pool. It doesn’t take hours to work up a sweat or nudge your metabolism. Get on the treadmill or commit to swimming a few laps in the pool.

  3. Give yourself time to walk briskly. If you are taking Uber to an event venue, then ask to be dropped off a block away so you can get in those steps.

  4. Instead of taking the elevator up one or two flights take the stairs.

  5. Keep nuts and other easily accessible proteins in your backpack or briefcase. Snack on healthy options often to stave off hunger.

  6. Eat breakfast without carbs. Eat a heart-healthy and metabolism-friendly breakfast with no muffins, donuts, pancakes, waffles or French toast. Skip fruit juices for a fresh piece of fruit. Drink water and try to drink your coffee and tea without sweeteners.

These are the easiest things to do, but it is not always easy to practice mindfulness on the road. It is important to be mindful of wellness and health to live longer and well beyond the work. Our profession will always be stressful and tempting, but our responses to both can change and should change so that we can simply stay alive.


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