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Wedding advice for encore and mature brides.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

“Your day, your way” means something entirely different for women marrying for a second time or the mature woman marrying for the first time. Personalization and intimacy are two words we often hear during our consultations with women who have “been there, done that.”

The need to impress peers and family is overridden by the need to get married in a way that reflects mature love and the circle of people who support the union and the two people getting married. It does not mean that the festivities are small and understated, quite the contrary, it simply means that the event will be detailed differently. Thus, this advice:

  1. Choose a location that means something to you and your spouse-t0-be. It can be local, regional, and destination as in one of your hometowns.

  2. Have fun and host a fun event.

  3. Wear a dress or ensemble that reflects your personality and is in a color that means something to you. If is white, then fine. However, you are free to choose teal or bronze or yellow if you so choose.

  4. Allocate more money in your budget the food and beverages for the comfort of guests.

  1. Choose flowers that are seasonal and ethereal like peonies and orchids. Both can be fragrant and taken home after the event. Also, a few of those blooms do more for decor than a roomful of roses.

  2. An evening wedding is elegant and suitable for partying after the ceremony.

As an alternative to a large ceremony, consider marrying in a clergy’s study or in your living room, especially if the gathering is small. You save money in attire and decor but you also save time.

The last piece of advice is for your well-being. Do not stress the planning. You can hire a wedding planner to take some of the details off of your plate. You can also simply choose to enjoy and savor planning an event that is more symbolic of the love than a show.

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