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Transforming little into much with event spaces.

I’ve curated a few posts from my Instagram feed to demonstrate how I have been able to turn nearly naked to naked event spaces into successful events for clients. Event design is not easy but it is predicated on being able to see the possibilities as you translate a client’s vision. A client will see an empty, sparse space and I will see a completed event that makes them happy.

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#Video [Part 1] Planning a high-profile event can be stressful. I was given the challenge to plan a high profile 1,000-person event in a matter of two months. #gameon I am grateful to @urbanmediamaven and @mayor_bowser for trusting me with the task of the Maternal & Infant Health Summit #DCMaternalHealth featuring former presidential advisor @valeriebjarrett who was the #keynotespeaker The video is a panoramic view of the #conferencehall before it was filled with medical and health professionals as well as others who are vested in the health of women. On a special note: I made certain that #cherryblossoms were an essential part of the decor. What's a #DCConference without cherry blossoms. I'd like to thank #HargroveInc for their #decor support and my staff who assisted in pulling off something so important in such a short period of time. cc: @reidrodell @charlottereid #Ilovemyjob #conferenceplanning #womensconference #dcevents #eventplanner #eventprof #eventprofessional #blackeventprofessional #WashingtonDC

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