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Some essentials you need for the best outdoor entertaining ever.

Last week, I gave you a checklist of things to do before planning outdoor entertaining at home. This week, I’m going to share a few supplies to make home entertaining simpler and fabulous for any event or time of day.

You will need: Lighting

Lighting is essential for almost any type of event you plan outdoors and at home. The first recommendation is a few sets of votive or candleholders at various sizes – flameless are preferred for obvious reasons. The second recommendation are string lights similar to Christmas lights but on copper or silver or white strings with white lights. Lastly, you will need lights to deter bug activity and that would include citronella candles that now come in more decorative holders and appealing scents.

You will need: Serveware and plates

Keep your serveware and plating simple to be adaptable to party size and ability to navigate at a smaller outdoor table. Serveware can be large enough for communal meals to keep diners and hosts from having to get up to serve more food. White can be both formal or casual.

You will need: Drinkware and pitchers 

We recommend glass drinkware and pitchers made from heavy glass (harder to break and less delicate) and sustainable, recyclable glass. Pottery Barn sells the Santino collection that is not only diverse but really good looking. We’ve included their coasters too.

You will need: Drink dispensers and portable drink stand

You will need: Heavy salt and pepper containers

Pottery Barn Cambria Salt & Pepper Shakers

Why heavy salt and pepper shakers? The wind blows sometimes. You don’t need anything on your table taking off with it. Buy heavy butter dishes, gravy bowls, and whatever else will keep your tablecloth down and your dinner intact.

We’ll stop here and pick up again next week. Before the weather is consistently warm, we will have you ready to entertain outdoors. If this is too much, remember your event planner can do this and more for you as well.

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