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Punch up holiday decor with resale finds.

Beautiful things aren't always you. Resale shops are a treasure trove of someone else's expensive taste. Shop them for a few decor odds and ends for the holiday season. Need a few tips and incentives? Well, we have them.

  • Follow your favorite local thrift and resale stores on Facebook to see what discounts they are offering.

  • Pick a color theme and purchase even non-holiday items to use to decorate your home.

  • Search for platters and other serveware for dinner.

  • Look for new candles in colors that are festive.

  • Go down the aisle with faux foliage and have a blast picking out holly, ivy, branches and berries to line on your mantle or tables. You might even find a wreath or two.

  • Shop for tablecloths, napkins and other decorative linen. Some stores could have trees and bulbs.

  • Need more plates? They could have those too.

We just wanted to jumpstart your creativity and hopefully get you in the mood to create an atmosphere you will enjoy in your home during the holidays.

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