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A few extras for entertaining at home during the holidays.

There are many details to entertaining during the holidays. Here are a few extras to help you out as well as help your guests out too.

  • Order Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services for those guests who like to be quiet and watch TV. Prepare a room just for them, especially if they are children or teens.

  • Add money to your Lyft and Uber accounts for guests who have had a bit too much too drink. The car services are great for older relatives and relatives staying in hotels.

  • Stop at the local dollar store for plastic plates with lids and a few large gift bags for guests taking home plates of food. While you are there, also...

  • Pick up a few coloring books and some crayons for the little ones.

  • Grab a few inexpensive throws and blankets for guests who are cold or for their little ones.

  • Buy the best bathroom deodorizers money can buy. Enough said.

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