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Last minute prep tips for holiday hosting.

The countdown begins. Eleven days to Christmas and 17 days to New Year’s Eve. The countdown can bring pressure, especially if you are entertaining at home. Perhaps some of these tips can help you move your planning and execution right along.

  1. Go outdoors and view your entryways from the perspective of a guest. Ask yourself are you pleased and what can be changed as in adding or subtracting décor. Are walkways accident-proof? What does parking look like for you and your neighbors?

  2. Walk in through your entry hall and think of everything a guest needs to (a) see and (b) have at their disposal. Is there a space for a coat rack? Is there a weather-proofed indoor mat for boots? Is there anything that can be broken with too much activity? Is there a bench or some seating?

  3. Take a tour of the area you will be doing the most entertaining. Do you have adequate seating? Are there enough tables for putting down drinks and plates? Is the lighting good for night? Any sharp edges that can be potentially hazardous? Is your décor at adult eye-level or higher in the event there are children or clumsy adults?

  4. If you are hiring catering, then contact the caterer about the details of plates and serving dishes. Just make sure you know what you are paying for to avoid last-minute problems. If you are cooking and using your own plates and dishes, double-check that you have everything you need.

  5. Create a cleaning schedule if you have not hired assistance.

The list isn’t long and it only takes an hour or so to complete the above tasks. Take notes as you go along and use your smartphone voice app to record things that come to mind. You will feel more accomplished and less stressed.

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