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June is a wonderful time for a garden party.

Entertaining outdoors is always a wonderful option for those who love entertaining at home. Barring bad weather, a garden party is one of the most flexible outdoor entertaining options there is to host. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Garden parties can range from super casual (light refreshments, no dress code) to extremely formal.

  2. There is no special time of day for garden parties, they can begin or end at dusk. It’s entirely up to you.

  3. You don’t need a garden. All you need is an outdoor space, seating, and creativity.

Themes for garden parties are as varied as there are reasons to host a garden party. For a parisian theme think pastels, china, and bubbling wine with teas and coffee. A Tuscan theme should involve one communal table, wine, vivid prime colors, and Italian food. You can choose a garden party to host a bridal or baby shower or going away party. The one thing a garden party is not is a barbecue, but if you want that as an element try to keep the grilling away from guests. The smoke can be irritating and distracting.

When I plan a garden party, I zone in the most immediate need such as flowers and vegetation, the likelihood of bugs (it’s important), and the number of guests invited. I consult with my florist for design ideas and to see if we need to import arrangements – potted or in vases. I will work with a gardener to ensure that the area has bug repellents that inhibit bug activity. And, I survey the area for the best use of space.

One last thing, lighting is important. Day or night, string lighting adds a hint of elegance while providing some practicality.

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