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Entertaining the boss?

It doesn’t matter where you are career-wise, entertaining superiors and clients at home is always a conundrum. It can be outright nerve-wracking to have the pressure of opening your home up to people who can determine your financial future. Let me make it a bit easier with a few tips.

Always be yourself. 

If you remember nothing else, remember to be you. Don’t use this as opportunity to show off or be pretentious or be someone you think your guests would prefer. Be you. It is always enough.

Poll your guests in advance of their visit.

Ask your guests if they have any dietary constrictions or allergies (cats, dogs, flowers…), so that you can create a menu and environment that is welcoming. Is your guest sober?

Do not feel as though the weight of the preparation rests solely on you. 

Call in help from your event planner and caterer. In some cities, there are luxury or high-end grocers that sell prepared foods that are delicious and gourmet.Rent your table-setting and accessories. Your planner can help you do so.  It’s okay not to do all of the work.

Focus on the personal touches. 

Do you have guest towels for each bathroom? Do you know which set of china you will use? Does your silver need polishing? Is this a good time to spruce up indoor and outdoor entries? Is your guest a wine or beer person?

Do whatever it takes to say “welcome.” 

Your hospitality and kindness will be remembered long after your menu. Little things like making a small shopping bag filled with samples of the evening’s meal and desserts for guests to take home is thoughtful.

Nine times out of 10, your boss or client wants exactly what you’d want if you were visiting someone’s home. Focus on those things.

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