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Easy spring home entertaining ideas.

There are about 90 days  of spring remaining to plan a few events in your home that enable you show off your hosting skills. Here is a short list of recommendations:

  1. March 27 is World Whisky Day. Host an impromptu bourbon and whisky/whiskey tasting in your home. Have guests bring their favorite brown liquor, provide nosing glasses and if you have a ventilated room or area in your home (or outdoors), provide cigars. You can also prepare tapas or appetizers for your small group of guests.

  2. Host a dessert open house on Easter Day (April 2019). You can show off your baking prowess or buy pies, cakes and pastries from local vendors to serve. Add coffee, an assortment of teas, a punch and some prosecco and you have an instant home event.

  3. Wednesday evenings are great for hump day dinners. Invite a few friends over to share a meal that features spring vegetables and fruit with a meat side, play music, catch up and end the evening early enough to prepare for Thursday. Uplift the event with fresh flowers.

  4. Do a book club night featuring your favorite cookbook and a few dishes therein. Invite over a few friends and introduce them to your favorite cookbook, give a brief overview of the book, and give them each a copy as a gift along with the meal.

A few months back I suggested a Passport Party, which also can be scaled for a small group in your home. The ideas are endless. Each can be executed easily and quickly.

Happy spring!

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