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Anatomy of a successful book event.

November is the month of books and book authors. We have witnessed one (or more) book launches this month as well, Michelle Obama’s Becoming comes to mind. There are two important dates most authors relish: Release day (generally a Tuesday) and launch day. Launch day is the main event, where an author invites intimates and supporters to celebrate the book’s release. Launch day can be extravagant or simple and small. Either way, as event planners, Reid Rodell endeavors to keep a few things in mind:

  1. The venue. Seems like a no-brainer but the venue has to meet a comfort standard as well as a function standard. Can it accommodate invited guests and keep them comfortable while showcasing the author and their work?

  2. The details. Will food and drink be served? How will guests drink and eat without it interfering with the business of the book?

  3. The budget. The expense of the author’s vision will affect both the venue and details.

We had the privilege of designing and planning author Liz Wainger’s book event a few weeks ago. The title of her book is “Prism of Value,” which is about leveraging charisma to connect with people in a rich way and turning a conversation into a win-win encounter. We incorporated prisms in the decor and created an environment of comfort for guests while enabling Liz to conduct business as an author. Visit my Instagram account (@anthonyrodell) to view more photos.

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