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40 Days and counting to Thanksgiving.

In 40 days, you or the designated host for Thanksgiving Day will be scrambling to prepare a feast for an intimate gathering or a huge gathering of family and friends. Today, that doesn't seem like a big deal - to some - and it's okay. But there are a few of you clutching your pearls and chest in fear and dread. You remember last year, don't you? Maybe I can help.

There are a few things you can do now to prepare for that day.

1. Shop sales for table linen, cutlery, and kitchen accessories that you need for that day. This is a great time to buy things on sale or clearance or at resale shops.

2. Get your details in order. Who is coming? Where are they going? What time will you serve? What foods are on the menu? Is it a family-style meal? A buffet?

3. After the details are set, make a few appointments to schedule a caterer (if needed), your florist, and a vendor that specializes in renting chairs and tables, if needed. I also recommend scheduling a house-cleaning service.

4. Clear your calendar for preparation. Invitations will flow, so it's best to schedule your prep time in advance.

5. In 10 days, send out invitations. Use a service like Paperless Post or Punchbowl or both to save money on bulk invites.

I can't say that the rest will be a breeze, but I do believe you will be relieved of some anxiety. And there is always the option of hiring an event planner, like me.

You've got this!

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